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    Why USA

  • The USA is a prime education destination renowned for world-class universities and a high-quality education system.
  • Universities in the USA typically maintain small class sizes of 15-20 students, ensuring individual attention and a focus on practical knowledge.
  • The country’s status as a technology leader provides students with opportunities to collaborate with the world’s best tech companies.
  • Students in the USA enjoy flexibility in choosing courses from various majors/departments based on their interests.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Programs in the USA include 3 years of optional practical training (OPT) after completing masters, allowing for a 12-month initial period with a possible 24-month extension for stay-back options.
  • The USA is acclaimed as the ideal place for living, learning, and personal growth, fostering individualism and passion in its people.
  • The country hosts the largest number of international students globally, with 35% of its student population coming from around the world, creating a diverse and multicultural environment.
  • Universities in the USA offer numerous student organizations, technical clubs, events, and extracurricular activities to enhance interpersonal skills and broaden horizons.
  • Campus life is safe, encouraging students to live independently, providing an empowering environment for facing new experiences and facilitating personal growth.

    Reasons to Study in USA

  • High Reputation of the USA as an Education Destination
  • Emphasis on Quality Teaching and Research
  • Leading Universities for Technology and Research
  • Opportunities to Contribute Through Research
  • Flexibility in Course Selection
  • Potential for High-Paying Jobs
  • Engaging Campus Environment, Learning Beyond Classrooms
  • Promising Career Prospects Post-Graduation
  • Availability of Assistantships and Scholarships
  • STEM OPT: Optional Practical Training with 12 + 24 Months Extension (Total of 36 Months)
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