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    Why Ireland

  • Ireland, an English-speaking nation, stands out as a top global study destination, boasting universities ranked in the top 3% worldwide. The country’s universities offer one-year postgraduate programs to non-EU nationals, accompanied by a two-year visa for post-graduation work.
  • Approximately 5,000 Indian students pursue their education in Ireland, contributing to a sizable Indian community of around 50,000 individuals. Ireland’s strategic location in Western Europe, just a 5-hour flight from North America, has attracted major global companies in software, pharmaceuticals, and digital media, establishing their EMEA headquarters in the country.
  • Pioneering multinational corporations like Apple, Pfizer, and Intel arrived in Ireland over three decades ago, and many others have since followed suit, making Ireland a key exporter in software, pharmaceuticals, and MedTech on a global scale.
  • With a rapidly growing economy, Ireland stands as a prominent creator of new employment opportunities, with thousands of jobs announced in 2022. The country boasts the third-highest salary structure in Europe, with an average salary of €40,000.
  • The majority of master’s courses for non-EU students are listed on the Critical Skills List, allowing students to stay for 2 years after completing their 1-year course. This allows them working in their chosen profession, making them eligible for Irish citizenship after five years of fulfilling these criteria.
  • Living Conditions In Irland

  • Ireland Known as the “Emerald Isle,” Ireland boasts a rich environment, a rich cultural heritage, and Friendly people. Functioning as a democratic nation with a great economy, Ireland not only secures a position in the top ten of the World Happiness Index but also surpasses most European counterparts in the Global Peace Index, ranking as the second safest country to reside in globally.
  • Embracing cultural diversity, Ireland nurtures an integrated society with more than 160 nationalities coexisting within its 5 million-strong population.
  • The country’s commitment to equal opportunities employment laws has resulted in numerous universities, state organizations, banks, and major companies being led by women, offering equal chances for workplace advancement.
  • Indian cuisine is readily available in most supermarkets and through Irish-based online suppliers. Ireland experiences a temperate climate, with average summer temperatures reaching 21 degrees and winter temperatures dropping to 2 degrees.
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