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  • France, a leading non-English speaking country, recruits foreign students with around 1200 programs tailored for English speakers.
  • French, the third most spoken language globally, is spoken in 75 countries across 5 continents, making proficiency beneficial for an international career.
  • Renowned for high-quality education and an excellent daily life, France offers easy access to the rest of Europe.
  • Each year, 278,000 international students choose France, ranking it as the world’s fourth-largest host country.
  • With 300,000 foreign students, France aims to welcome 10,000 Indian students by 2020, with 4,200 already choosing France in 2016.
  • Impressive statistics include 227 Engineering Schools, 150 Business Schools, 20 Schools of Architecture, and 270 Doctoral departments.
  • France boasts 11 Triple accredited Business Schools, second only to the UK with 22.
  • Paris, ranked the best student city four times by QS, reflects the country’s commitment to internationalization.
  • French colleges and the government prioritize internationalization, leading to eased visa rules and multiple years of stay-back options for students.
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